Saturday, November 10, 2007

Okay, so here is an idea- rather than government keep cigarette smokers in its palm like a money making pet why doesn't it make a move that would not simply line the its own pocket?

It's certainly well known how detrimental cigarette smoking is to the cardiovascular system but cigarettes are supposedly more addictive than heroin. Government knows this. Government also makes a lot of money off smokers. Does Government really want smokers to quit? I don't think so.

Illegalizing cigarettes would be ridiculous. Raising tobacco taxes sky high is awfully hypocritical don't you think? Get the people hooked on something quite addictive and harmful, keep producing it at the same toxin level even though you know its killing the people, then make the candy more and more difficult to get, but more and more lucrative for the suppliers.

Why can't the nicotine level in cigarettes by incrementally lowered all across the board? Is that chemically possible? Is this a completely unsound idea?


Jennifer said...

I haven't had a cigarette since January of this year. Being pregnant was a huge motivation. Though it's been 10 months, I still fantasize about it.

Karen said...

There was a client in our office two months ago who had quit smoking one month before. Her grandchildren were her impetus. She hadn't seen them in two years and they are coming to visit her this Thanksgiving.
Every time someone stops smoking I think it is amazing and deserves tremendous kudos. That has got to be difficult to initiate in the first place, and hard to maintain every single day.