Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'll have the C cup with fries

My stepfather once told my mom how nice it would be to go to the Bar and Griddle Factory for lunch.
except it's the Bra and Girdle Factory.
Stuff get so much funnier misread!

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Finnegan & Buddy said...

Hi Karen,

I was just looking back through my messages and found your comment about my little Daisy. Thank you so much for coming by and sharing in our story. I hope Sylvia got some extra kisses that day.

I've just read through all your posts and you remind me of me, but you're much more eloquent. I was that girl in high school too, which is why I've yet to feel the need to go to a reunion! Keep up the good work and please continue coming by Finny & Buddy's blog, we love to have visitors and so do all the other kitty bloggers - there are a ton of them! It's really fun to read all their stories and enjoy their pictures.