Tuesday, September 25, 2007


In the wet of water's edge, at the fun place where water slides its coolness up my legs and pulls upon the ends of my rolled up pants only to tickle back down and slip away again sucking on my feet and challenging my balance, I understand the Mermaids and urge the ocean to take me safely too; tempt it by wishing with every step further out to sea. And isn't the moon trail of glitters and sparkles but a beckon, a path to follow all the way? As if in that one place it is safe to walk on water.

I stood under the New Jersey stars missing the Maine stars with tears crowding my eyes and wondering how a place left behind could break my heart so in the very being away from it. But then I also wondered once how it was I fell in love with a state.

Unrelated P.S.

Playing, Where's Katie??? with a small child who's head is lost mid-dress in a sweatshirt is fun and cute.
Playing Where's Karen??? with my self, when my own head is lost in a sweat-shirt mid-dress, is kind of sad.

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