Sunday, October 07, 2007


Last time we met we weren't much more than kids, and I wonder what you would think of the adult me, and I wonder what I'd think of the grown up you;
and maybe, just maybe, we'd be two half-grown kids with beautiful crow's feet and laugh lines and a couple of gray hairs and we'd stare and marvel for hours at how really no time elasped at all.


Chris said...

Hello, you have a wonderful blog, but I can't find your email address, can you please contact me at I have something to discuss with you
Regards, Chris
(Please can you delete this comment after your decision?)

N said...


You always give just enough information to whet the appetite... but never enough detail...


First crush? Obnoxious neighbor? Dish!

Anonymous said...

Karen it is me the half grown kid who longs to be with you. I was searching blog sites and googling your name since i know you liked writting and i remebered a link that you sent me once when i was in iraq . How i long to see you. Sir scott

I LOVE YOU said...