Friday, September 22, 2006

Generation X (cellent!)

Things to be unknown by our grandchildren:

2)mercury thermometers
3)the Twin Towers
4)carry on luggage
5)television station sign-off signal;
and sitting in front of the television early in the morning,watching the technicolor vertical bars, waiting for television stations to come back on.
6)Bob Barker
7)Johnny Carson
8)cassette deck
10)station wagons
11)...and 'riding in the way-way back.
and your sweaty thighs sticking to the vinyl bench seats in the summer.
12)roller rinks-and roller-skating birthday parties.
13)hand written letters; S.W.A.K.
14)missing a phone call if you were out
15)...and typing or writing out school papers before correction tape and white out;
ergo, ripping up the page and starting over if you made a mistake- even if you were on the last line
16)owning your first complete set of encyclopedias
17)the importance of the no. 2 pencil
18)knobs on the TV for vertical hold, color, and contrast
19)playground structures made of metal and cemented into macadam
20)Tang with breakfast
21)playing the original Atari when it was brand new- and Pong was cool.
22)buying something new on a 33rpm- or borrowing mom and dad's 45's
23)getting up to change the channel
24)waiting for the theater movie to come on television
25)dialing the operator for assistance
26)asking the operator for an address and getting it
27)flash cubes
28)at the airport meeting/leaving someone directly at the gates
29)chicken pox as a childhood given-Do you have a pock scar, too?
30)Your turn!!!

Can you think of anything else? Something from your generation?


seƱol javiel said...

31) feeling the emotions of staying late playing on the streets for ours with your friends untill the sunset. it was the right time for dinner. untill then, you were allowed to play with things made by you with wood, stones, ropes, pieces of clothes... (in spain, at least)

32) you cannot contact a person if he/she is not at home/work. nobody had a mobile phone!!

Karen said...

Remember rushing home so you didn't miss a phone call! or being a teenager and staying home in case that boy/girl you liked called.
You reminded me of how the air felt on my skin as the sun sunk lower and lower when I was a child playing outside until the last possible second then begging to stay out just a little longer.
I wonder what kinds of things you remember making.

SonSon said...

* Buying stamps, paying bills without a computer.

* Prayer before sporting events and important school ceremonies.

* Running around the neighborhood playing as a child without your parents knowing exactly where you were.

* Swats with a paddle as a form of school discipline.

Karen said...

Ooh! I remember the other stuff, but lucky for me I came after the era of legal swatting!
I wouldn't let a child walk home from the bus stop alone these days like I did; and didn't we just roam the neighborhood all summer long. Those were great days, and when you are little, the neighborhood is HUGE.