Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ode to the NJDMV

There once was a child of four
Tossing a fit on the DMV floor
Mom grimaced and sighed
Silently counted to five

My sympathies lay
With the child in tears
His wailing and kicking
Assailing our ears

I'd have been there myself
If I weren't twenty seven
Dear God move this line!
I invoked to the heavens

Then to my right
A Suit hit the floor
Screaming into his briefcase
Down went one more

Ladies in dresses
Kicking and cranky
The Blue Hair beside me
Bitching into her hanky

The cashier was frenzied
The child dumbfounded
He counted to five
Then yelled, You're all grounded!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kar, it's Jen. LOVE THIS, it's too funny and sadly true. Though I was at the local DMV last month w/Dave for his renewal and it moved shockingly quicker than I was used to.

Karen said...

Thank you sweetheart! Doesn't it suck when you are finally called and get to the desk only to be told you missed a box!

SonSon said...

Very well done, Karen! Too cute. What mom hasn't been there, huh?