Sunday, December 24, 2006

Needing to Spew

Everyone has his or her own set of beliefs about the human's place in this world- mine has me damn fucking pissed.
I visited this morning , awed to see photos of the giant squid- albeit feeling badly for the smaller squid used to lure her and slightly awkward that she was ill led. Still, all appeared fine until I read the captioned paragraph and learned she had "put up quite a fight" about being taken onto the boat, and in the process had been killed. Chalk one up for science, huh? Screw that!
Students are discovering a way to turn cow dung into useable energy- Wonderful! Until I read that the bovine providers are kept inside for eight months to provide the poop.
Can we do nothing without destroying other living creatures?


Anonymous said...

From probitionate:

This isn't a comment about your post. (Although I agree with your frustration. It's a mad, mad world out there...) It's just a heads-up to you that I've sent you a pair of emails via your 'profile' link. Lately, I've tried to send seasonal emails to friends afield (some so far afield that they're no longer in a field, they're clear across the valley! Seriously, folks...) and some have been trawled by the Spam filters and never gotten to the intended recipients. So this is me, Mr Paranoia, just sending up a flare for you to be on the lookout. That's all. Back to my coffee...

Karen said...

Thank you for the heads up :) !