Sunday, December 24, 2006

:) :) :) :-P

Who says I don't get any exercise sitting at the computer for hours? Why every time a piece of candy falls on the floor, I need to bend over and search under the chair and table!
Thank you to:

the used kitty litter I dumped from on high for all going into the plastic bag.

the teen-aged (read as: several years younger than me) grocery store employee who refrained from scolding me when I literally climbed two shelves right next to him to get my box of Raw Sugar.

the gentlemen who hold the door open for me, and who graciously pass through first when I hold the door open for them.

my pajamas for making my body feel like pockets of heaven.

my kitties for being squishably adorable.


probitionate said...

My thanks to:

the batteries in my simple digital camera, my laptop, the internet and a co-operative brother in VA for being able to download Xmas pictures of me for our mom to see the same day they're taken

my fridge, for making my cans of Diet Coke the perfect degree of coldness

the car letting someone off, delaying me just enough that I don't get splashed by a truck ten seconds later

the Niagara Escarpment at dawn for reminding me of how tiny we all are, and yet how huge we can feel at drinking nature in

delightful blogs, further ways to feel mindful.

I LOVE YOU said...