Saturday, February 23, 2008

bird prints in the snow

Yesterday morning I sat halfway up in bed just after 7:30, peeked through my bedroom window's white and sky blue sheers, sat up higher in astonishment, and pulled the curtains apart to be sure. Snow! - on the ground and still falling. We actually finally yippee skippy got snow!!

Was I the only one whistling while sweeping eight beautiful inches of it off the car at 8:30 AM? Was I the only one smiling around my white knuckled steering wheel grip as I slipped through the unplowed slush?

It took me 45 minutes to make the 15 mile trek to my job interview- well, 40 counting the five minute stop at the Clarksburg post office where I made certain the Postal worker at the desk knew I was asking directions to a job interview and not simply driving to a summer day camp site at 9:30 AM in the middle of a snowstorm. (I don't want my very own jacket with the wrap-around sleeves quite yet, friends)-
- at the post office where I knew I could get away with smiling and waving at the tyke boot kicking snow near her mom but knew Mom might worry if I dove into the snow in my interview clothes to play with her child and make snowmen and snow angels like I really wanted to.

Ah- job interview. Yep, I was terminated on Tuesday. Terminated- that's a more accurate description than fired, but every time I say it I picture myself being blown into shrapnel sized bits by a robotic Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now that truly would have shaken up the office!

It is okay. It is okay right now because they must have been able to tell I wasn't so happy there any more, and because I won't starve or go homeless as long as my peeps are around (swear to the Great Lima Bean I just typoed 'my poopes'.)

It is okay because I firmly believe I will find another job, and because now I have some freedom to find something that will be more fulfilling: toward that goal I am trying to find work as a hospice or summer camp nurse.

In other news, spring is definitely coming! I know this because my long haired cat is leaving trails of fur all over the place and making hair balls the length of my hand.
Yep- just chased her around the apartment with her brush(in a studio apartment, cats have fewer places to hide from hair brushes ;-) and doled out the treats- two hairball and four tartar control for my teeny short haired kitty, and just the opposite for my sack of hair with feet.

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