Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Last night

I dreamed I stepped outside briefly into the comfortingly cool, sparsely lit, welcoming night leaving the front door open, but wandered off across the gray lawn distracted and came home again to find the door still open but my cats still tucked safely inside.

I dreamed of coming home from work to find a fully fringed towering green shrub had grown across my path in my absence. It was menacing; a malignant, peace eating tree of a shrub and section by section I dug my bare hands in pulling and tearing it out by the eight inch circumference roots. An allergan it turned out to be and I rushed in to suds up my arms and legs scrubbing away the threatening spores.

I dreamed of Boyfriend and I. I do not remember where we were going or why: I do recall us wandering by a door we had to enter and I was supposed to be carrying something necessary but had left it behind along our foot travels. Whatever it was, we found it again and were able to pass through the door.

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