Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life just keeps gettin'

Life just keeps gettin' weirder. Er, cooler? Ah, more surprising?

In our Wednesday night class we have lots of extra time 'cause in our first session our super instructor kinda' sorta' packed two quarters worth of Ethics into one.
So now on Wednesdays we talk about Business with the big B just like we are scheduled to, and cover any relevant stuff on Professionalism and Ethics-
and then we shut the door and talk about cool stuff like Reiki, and the chemistry of the human body and the not yet fully comprehended human energy and mind.

We talk about spiritual stuff and a single atom appearing in two places at one time in the particle accelerator, and how just maybe we all have a hand (or a head) in creating our own 'coincidences' after all.

We all have our own stories. I still like to tell about the day I knew in my kitchen 600 miles away that my cousin got engaged, and how looking back I realized that every time she contacted me from the time she and her husband- who were trying to not start a family yet- must have conceived until the day she learned she was pregnant, I had this feeling in my gut every single time that she was with child.

How often do you suddenly think of a song you haven't heard in seventeen gazillion years- some off the wall song nobody has heard since 1986- and the next day you turn on the radio and walk dead into that very song on the first note?

Last week I asked in the morning for my old friend Scott. It wasn't exact, but I went to an interview that day and lo and behold happened on a Scott. Last week I wondered hard about an old friend, and two days later he shocked me with a call.
Last night I asked my boyfriend, 'Hey, have you ever heard from J*** again since... ?'
"No." And neither of us expected a different outcome- until he called three minutes later.

Maybe we are more connected than we think we are, or just as connected after all.

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