Thursday, March 27, 2008

Twice as much

My boyfriend and I have been spending the night together since our second date. First of all we love to snuggle and cuddle, and secondly we lived an hour away from each other for the first year. It was also easier.

I like going to bed by his good night kiss and waking up to the sound of his breathing. Curling up with him first thing is the best way ever to start a day. On the weekends, we'll wake up to one another, spend all day together, and go to bed next to each other again.

Then sometimes, like tonight, we choose to have a traditional date. Most of the time he will pick me up. Occasionally we will meet. He buys me dinner. We may partake in a movie or a walk (or a side trip to Best Buy ;) and then we say good night.

It's nice to get dressed up extra special and take time with our appearances and outfits to surprise each other.

And, as Boyfriend once said, "It's nice to go home feeling good like that."

In my own words I understood what he was conveying, and I was glad to know he also still walks away from our dates feeling a little euphoric, anticipating our next time together just a little bit more.

It was great fun falling in love at 15, but it's even better at 33; and better than that falling in love just a little bit more with the handsome man who is already mine.


Anonymous said...

Love this entry, so sweet.

Jen :)

Kate said...

It's such a good feeling. So good.

Allison M. said...

Does he know you wrote this? He should. He's doing a lot of things right.

Brad said...

Neat post. Couples in love always make me smile. :)