Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

My birthday was the 18th- I am officially 32! I was treated to a lovely dinner out with my mom and stepfather, and we shared a wonderful BBQ -indoors!- on Saturday attended by most of my friends. Standing at the sink sharing dish duty with my cousin, Jen, I realized being surrounded and celebrated by 15 people whom have shared my life no less than 10 years each, is a very happy benefit of being back in NJ. Wow- three 'shares' in one paragraph- somebody get the thesaurus! Quick!!
I have watched my closest male friends become husbands- grow the little bellies of contentment and nights at home, enbroil electricity and plumbing in their conversations and weekend duties. I am now watching them become fathers- carry diaper bags, cuddle tiny daughters, nurture pregnant wives.


Jennifer said...

At least the B.O.B.(Battery Operated Buddy) doesn't say he'll call and then never call. Hope you have fun on your 2nd date with Mr. Potential.

TJ said...

The remote is going to use all the juice from the battery. What would you do if it died right in the middle? For goodness sake, girl, get back up batteries....... LOL

Have a great time on your 2nd date. Can't wait for details.

jessica said...

I tried that matchmaking on line and I ended up getting raped by one of my potentials and It wasn't until after a few dates ,With your history of rape you should not be doing this I read your previous blogs and you just sound confused , Let nature take its course and date the old fashion way for your safty and sanity. You shouldn't feel disloyal you should feel dirty and desperate meeting guys this way I did. Jessica.