Monday, July 03, 2006

my first train ride alone

Me on 9:30 AM train into Penn Station yesterday morning- perky in curve hugging pink Calvin Klein T-shirt, slimming khaki capri pants, shampoo scented hair in a clip, smile on my face.
Me on 7:07 PM train out of Penn Station last night- hair out of clip hanging bedraggled on my shoulders, sweaty T-shirt and socks balled together stinking up inside of backpack and soaking through papers, round trip ticket soggy in pants pocket, blue gum stuck on left butt, pen mark on right knee, suntan lotion smears on left shin, general dirt markings on right.
Who gets so messy being bored? I had a most excellent day!
And slept extremely well on that thin futon mattress that felt incredibly good last night!

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