Monday, July 10, 2006

In lieu of a time machine

Either I'm going through puberty again or my acne missed the hormone greyhound and is REALLY damn late.
If it's puberty again, I want some boobs.
If it's early menopause, I want a six-pack.
I thought the years of spot-bleaching my pillowcases with Clearasil were over!
I say I want a date. I've said I want sex.
What I do actually want is some male friend company. I want someone just to go for walks at night with me and talk and laugh;
someone to get up in the morning and call to say, "Hey! Let's drive to Maryland today!"
Someone to call over for movies on the floor on a rainy Sunday.
Over the years my guy buddies have gotten married and made families, or in my absence just gotten other lives and I really miss them. I like their wives and their children; I like the advancements in our friendship and the time we do have together.
But I really miss the 'hangin out'.


Jennifer said...

I miss my best guy friend too. Only he wasn't the one that got married. I was. My husband isn't quite comfortable with me being such close friends with a member of the opposite sex, so my time with this friend has suffered a great deal since I got married. I miss him a lot. Sometimes he'd wake me up at 4:30 in the morning to go somewhere and watch the sun rise. Those kinds of friends are great and when it's gone, you miss it a lot!!

probitionate said...

As you get older, it gets harder to meet people of the opposite (Hmm... I Freudianly just wrote 'opposide') sex. I miss my galpals in the UK. My female friends here are all married with children. It's not even so much a case of 'My husband wouldn't approve!', but time. And energy. The one friend I've tried to get back in touch with (she was one of my best friends from fifteen years ago) can't seem to decide whether she wants to even try.

In the world of "I want to find my 'One'!", I fear there isn't an opening for making 'friends', not male/female friends. Does it *ever* happen? Why would someone take the time, make the effort when those resources could be better spent 'in search of'? Don't get me wrong; I'd love to have female company, just to 'hang with'. But man, that may be a worse goal than winning the lottery...

God, look at me, The Cynic.