Sunday, July 16, 2006

take one down and pass it around

Welcome to the world of Kleenex Dating! Take one out of the box, use it, toss it down. Maybe one will be a handkerchief to stick in your pocket and keep.
I am not complaining-how unique for me. Those who would know would agree on the novelty.
For those who don't know, I haven't truly dated in over seven years. My last two boyfriends I met, we went on a date, and spent the next 3 1/2 years together. Which does indeed take us back to early 1999.
And up to online dating. It is pretty cool for the likes of me who does quite poorly meeting people without assistance. I am completely not gregarious.
So to post myself like a yard sale commodity is ingenious.
I have been on three dates in two states in two days. But it's physical speed dating. I want to play the tease game wherein our proximal hands play squirrels-around-the-tree the movie theater arm rest for 90 minutes until that first all-telling blissfully tingly hand clasp. I want to spend the first date or two snuggling really close because we want to kiss so badly but are both
too shy.
On the good side, the head games have fallen away. You don't talk unless you like each other's photo. You don't meet unless you have a good IM session. And if you have a weak meeting, you move on.
I am totally enjoying all my conversations and have met three super-nice, handsome, funny men whom I wouldn't have otherwise met.
And meeting them has been fun. It's also kicked me out that terrifying door into DatingLand again.
One-man-at-a-time girl feels a little socially guilty for dating three people in one weekend. But that's the rules of the board game.
So on I go hopefully with the rest of us hopeful romantics and lonely people and friend seekers.
Wish me luck, and fun.
And yes, wonderful concerned friends of mine, I am being careful- my gut is turned on full alert!


Karen said...
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sarah said...
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sarah said...

you need help . I bet you are ugly and this is the only way to get a date.

Karen said...

Curious- haven't you anything more in your life than leaving nasty comments on the same blog entry? Is this the sixth? Seventh? And all of them vile.
It's becoming kind of funny that you are still this steamed about my blog entry. Guess I had quite an effect on you.

Karen said...

What else have you got? What is still amusing is you still haven't figured out the point of the blog. I am getting so accustomed to your causticness I'm growing bored.

Anonymous said...

Karen, you must be more popular than you thought, someone sure has an interest in your writing. Don't let it get to you, just keep using that "delete button". Keep writing, who knows, you may end up with your own fan club... In fact, I put you on my favorite list. By the way, you don't know me, I'm just an older lady that has time to waste, so I get on here and read other peoples blogs.....Just think, getting old isn't that bad when you can read young peoples blogs. I wonder what my parents did for entertainment when I was your age??? Never mind, I don't think that's a good idea!
Bye for now,

Southern Lady

Kalena said...

I found a ton of old emails from this time period in a seldom used kept account and it's kind of amusing to find this comment attack now, married for two years to someone I met through online dating :-)