Sunday, July 09, 2006

How it should be...

Grocery Cashier- Hey, Depressed Girl, where do you think you 're going with that two-pound tray of iced brownies?
Depressed Girl- Home???
GC- I don't think so; Brownie Intervention on Aisle 4!
BI- Here you are Miss, One square today- tomorrow come back and I'll give you another square.
DG- What are you doing to my ankle?
BI- That's a Brownie Alert Bracelet, Miss. All grocery stores and bakeries are connected by computer. You're profile is on alert to keep you from purchasing baked goods elsewhere until your depression is over.

This is how it should be. Otherwise Depressed Girl might sit down on a hot July day and eat herself literally ill on two pounds of icing laden chocolate brownies.

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