Friday, August 04, 2006

Back in the saddle again

aka Dumb fucking saddle aka Don't let the door hit you in the ass- Oh, that's my ass the door is hitting, right where your boot struck it!
So, it was great for a few days; we had chemistry, he liked me and the sound of my voice, called me lots, kissed me and didn't try anything else. He thought I was cute, told his friends about me, took me to watch his softball team.
We shot hoops, snuggled on the couch, flirted on-line... until he asked me if I was on birth control, and I had to tell him what I'd planned to tell him in person tomorrow, what you don't tell a man on a first date or even a second. I can't have kids. Just can't. And there it ended.
Best to get it out of the way now I guess.


jayme said...

Online dating is not the place for you I read your other blogs and you want too much out of a relationship the right things so go out and meet people the old fashion way and you will meet someone who will respect you and want to be with you for you.

Karen said...

Jayme, Thank you :) Karen.

jayme said...

Hi Karen,
You are welcome please follow through snd stop.