Saturday, August 26, 2006


All is wet, coming in pinpricks of cold on my cheeks; the leaves are dark green, cars spraying puddles on the lawns and pedestrians. In turqouise T-shirt and khaki capris I'm slightly chilled by breezes coming freely in. The cats lie easy, curled in C's in kitchen chairs.
Tonight will be the slumber of cool cotton striped sheets and fabric softened two seasons worn in two piece pajamas, snuggling in deep under my blue-flowered quilt.


Ed said...

Scanned yor profile, very sweet. However, what have you got against beets?

The laughing thing, I thought I'd die the other week when a friend of mine sneezed while eating chips (french fries) and one came out of his nose, I supose you had to be there.

Chin, chin.

Karen said...

A chip through the nostril had to sting! which probably made it funnier!
You can have your beets; I'll have my tuna fish with salt, pepper, lemon juice, vinegar, ginger, and horse radish, thanks!
I can brave that, and I can't handle a beet.

Ed said...

That tuna, cooked or sushi style?