Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Earthworm Relocation Programs

I decided to go back to college for the BS I've regretted never getting. Not knowing what you want to be when you grow up is expected and almost romantic when you're 18. By 31 I should know! I should also be a grown-up by now.
I had my first Art History exam today and I'd forgotten how boisterous a classroom can be preceding such an event; cries of Ohmygosh who painted that! and what's a patina? to I'm going to have a heart attack! We've all sat like good little students, mute unless called upon, for four weeks and suddenly we were a united front. We can kick this thing! Did you bring your white flag? (lorezobotticellodonamedici...Ahh!)
I am a Practical (boy, capitalizing that p takes off a lot of pressure!) Nurse. Nursing is a career you really can't discuss casually. Guess what I found at work today ! When did people get so squeamish?
I grew up at the seashore in New Jersey (one summer of hypodermic needles...let it lie!) and for me the smell of salt and rotting mussels is home. But now I live in Maine where the smell of pine trees is home.
I am somehow feel most content and beautiful covered in horse and smelling like one or head to toe full of mud splotches and compost moving earthworms from root ball to root ball.
My favorite outfit is pajamas after a long day, I love Anya Seton, and one of my favorite meals is a fresh cup of coffee and a hamburger.
And if anyone has marriage advice, I'd love some! I am getting married on July 1st... 4 1/2 months!

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Mickey said...

I have the best marriage advice on the planet....DON'T DO IT!!!!!

Seriously, I can't wait till July. Love ya, and miss ya!