Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Glutton in Me

so my fiance's all cuddly in bed and i'm hooked to this laptop like it's gonna give me orgasms stuffing Nut Lover's Minatures in my face like they're field mice on speed and I'm a starving kitty.
This blog stuff is all new to me... today! so bear with me! I think it's gonna be fun. (Wow- the same improper English twice!) I didn't feel like cooking dinner tonight but wound up cracking open a can of tuna and adding dill, lemon, ginger, and black pepper. It got served with cooked-in-the-microwave-green beans and tomato-basil quinoa. It actually worked!
I got chocolate bits on the keyboard.
I have class in 7 hours. I suppose. Off to bed with my fuzzy kitties. Night!


Mickey said...

Ahhh blogging, the perfect way to abuse our ADD. Why didn't I think of this sooner!

Not to change the subjuct (but what else is an ADD'er to do) but when are you getting your but down to see my new house?

Karen said...

And we both like to write! Isn't it great? I hope people read... I want lots of comments!
I won't be home to our lovely Tri-State area (and my beach and greedy seagulls) untl late May-Bridal Shower time! Bring on the ribbon hat! I really want to see your new house! Hi Yana! I miss you guys!