Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Little Bit o Yum

I have been watching the neighborhood ice cream parlor sign for the lovely phrase, "Opening in 60 days". Not just because I love their fat-free, no sugar added raspberrry vanilla swirl in a waffle cone (runner up to my favorite cone of all time- soft vanilla swirl with rainbow sprinkles :)
I know spring is coming! Everyone up here tells me Maine doesn't have a spring. Well I've experienced three of them.
Spring is going for a walk and getting an ice cream then wandering across the street to watch Little League baseball games. Spring is warm enough to sit in a chair in the backyard in the afternoon and evening with tea and read the most recent greatest book you ever found. Opening the windows...and leaving them open all day. And all night-the best sleeping weather parallel to autumn wrapped up in soft blankets, breezes that smell like leaf buds and earthworms and new rain rolling across your face. Whoops and hoorays and whistles all wadded up inside and it's all you can do to sit still through one more hour of work or school until you can get outside and scream and run and breathe and just be.
May you enjoy some spring fever this year.

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