Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A pig and a popsicle

I actually created a personality profile on the GenX personals web site! Only I haven't paid a red cent so I can't check any of my incoming 'flirts'. Or see if the person I flirted with has flirted back! I mostly did it out of curiousity. Like trying a new brand of popsicle.
(Now I want a popsicle.)
All I want right now is someone to play with outside! Go for a bike ride, take a hard walk, kyack with me. And TALK! Talking would be fun.
Sex? Hmm. I didn't really like it until my early twenties. Around the same time I finally learned a guy could fool around with me without it meaning anything emotionally to him. I thought that's what it was about!
Now that I've had two serious loves, and lots of emotional sex, part of me wants none! (this little piggy cried wee-wee-wee all the way home, and this little piggy had none).
Even though I had an illicit dream about a certain ex last night and felt everything.


TJ said...

Who is Harold? So you are single?

Karen said...

Harold (see The Imaginary Divorce in the Feb archive) is an ex-boyfriend and very dear friend. Our relationship is going through a transition just now as I am back from Maine to stay and we are both single again, with plenty of more-than-friends feelings left between us. We aren't sure what to do with any of it and are trying to ride it through.