Wednesday, May 10, 2006

unreliable sanity

I am no longer hysterical. I did not cry once yesterday. I even fell asleep without hopeless arms. And without Tylenol PM.
I would like to try Tae Kwon Do again. I'm rather flexible and it was fun, and challenging, learning to use my body in different ways. My initial experience, in Farmington, ME, was with students who were like family to each other. Maybe it is always that way; after all, you trust one another with the safety of your bodies. Go ahead, give it your best- I know you won't hurt me. And with support- you can do it, you're doing great, one more time-take my turn, here try this... .
I worked muscles in my legs I've worked no where else. Learning how to effectively punch, sensing my technique and strength improving, is empowering and invigorating.
Each time I did a take down I hoped to the heavens I was doing it correctly and wasn't hurting my partner. Every time I was thrown I couldn't help laughing a little- flying through the air felt so silly!
I'm 5 ft and 110 wet- my fiance was 6ft+, 270 and very strong- I loved it when he'd scoop me up, flip me around, toss me about at home. As long as I relaxed and trusted he'd never drop me, and he never even 'almost'- it was wonderously fun!

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Karen said...

I hope you are able to ride through whatever happens in your relationship. Feel free to keep me posted.