Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Baby sitter needed

There are moments in my life when I wonder how the hell I've gotten this far without accidentally killing myself, and whose brilliant idea it is to let me out on pass every day.

Like when I get the bow on the back of my scrub top hooked on the doorknob at work all day long.
Like when I get the entire office in a panic over something important gone missing- only to find it in the very first place I looked.
Like coming out of the grocery store to find I left my car trunk yawning open the whole hour I was shopping- or when I lock the car door but leave the window down.
Like when I've spent thirty minutes searching for the glasses that are perched on my head.
Like when I almost get my leg caught in the revolving door.

Do you have those moments? I have a lot of those.

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Anonymous said...

Wish you could have seen the smile this post brought to my face!

My favorite is the doorknob on one of the inter-office doors that catches on the front pocket of my jeans. It'll either spin me face first into the door, or head first into the door frame. And like an idiot, I keep doing it!

Or the times when I'll search the entire Wal-Mart parking lot for my wife's minivan, realizing later that I drove my Honda.

The revolving door? My faux-pas is stopping once I'm on the inside, often getting clobbered by said door.

I could spend hours detailing how truly blond I am...