Thursday, May 10, 2007

the life inside

I lied to a professor once. He asked me, regarding the way I moved when walking, if I was a dancer and I, answering from my heart before thinking, said, "Yes."
"I can tell," said he.*

My disclaimer before attending weddings is that I do not dance. Don't even take me to the floor. Stage fright sets in and I begin to swivel into the ground.

But I dance in the car, on the bar stool, in my seat at the reception. I sit here at the computer now jolly to have accidentally found a favorite song the name and artist of said song unknown- but here it is on my headphones and the butt is grooving, the hips are shimmying, the head, neck, and shoulders in groove.

Music moves me deeply inside and there I am such a dancer, but in public my legs lock up and I am afraid to let it show.

I love to watch the human form in motion. I study how others walk, envy the strength of those who run, marvel at the sculpted musculature in cyclist's legs, and diviningly hope to be a fluid dancer in my next life.

I am a dancer in my heart in this one.

(taken blindly this sounds like it could have been a pick-up: you'll simply have to trust me that it certainly was not :)


Anonymous said...

There's a reason they say "Dance like no one is watching." Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where Elaine is dancing? She was doing some weird, funky throwback dance from the 70's. I am deathly afraid that my body would betray me in that same manner, so I tend to avoid dancing.

Did you ever find out the name of the song you were listening too?

Is that picture you?

Jennifer said...

I love to dance. Especially on the dance floor. Nothing like "zoning out" into your own world surrounded by loud as hell music. I'd always be found dancing right in front of the speakers.

Like N said... just pretend no one is watching.

Karen said...

That is me in the photo, taken last October by my cousin (in what is now her son's nursery :)

The song was "Sunrise" by Simply Red!
Won't go down in the music books of history, but it makes me groove.
Besides, I grew up when Hall and Oates was a big deal- and after all that is their sound in the background.. "I can't go for that, no,no, no can do"
(how much more can i embarrass myself here? doing a pretty good job already?)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... don't be dissin' the H&O! I have "The Very Best of Hall & Oates" on my work computer... ;)

It's not that I listen to it for pure enjoyment, but more for the memories their songs stir up; from ages 11-18 specifically.

I have a post from the old blog somewhere I'll have to dig out called "The Soundtrack of My Life" which lists out all of the music that corresponds to the different parts of my life... a lot of those groups I won't publicly admit to liking (*Cough* ABBA *Cough* Air Supply *CoughCough*).


Karen said...

(cough cough... The Bee Gees and the occasional Barry Manilow)