Thursday, May 03, 2007

Joyfully rolling away

I took down the photo of my boyfriend and I taken by him on the beach that greeted me on our monitor every morning and afternoon and replaced it with a black and white (really mostly gray)picture of a wide open road I found on someone's Flicker site. I don't remember whose site it was, or even where the picture was taken. I do know it sheds a light on the freedom in me to be greeted by a road-to-anywhere.

The open road is a theme with me and in unplanned fashion I've gathered photos of them over the years casually finding ones that left me feeling I could roll away on them if I could just get onto the page. I've snipped and clipped, and taped greeting cards to the fridge. A favorite of mine was a wee little colorful van laden on top with bushels and suitcases heading away into the wonderful unknown. Somewhere in my storage unit it is packed away. How very many times I stood afore dreaming of where I would go inside that very van, fantasizing about the next time my bags would be packed and I could be on my way- away to somewhere I've never been.

I won't be rolling far away any time soon- but I am going camping Memorial Day weekend and can't wait to break out my tent, build a campfire or three and hike until I feel the hills in my bones and smell the trees and dirt in my sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the open road! Do you know, I don't really enjoy driving much (I have a 50 mile commute to work each day), but when it involves places I've never been before, I'm totally enthralled!

I drove all through southwestern Montana once, just on a whim!