Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Ah, the sleep of the emotionally winded. Yes, that was our Sunday nap.

I have met two people in my life who warn they may fall asleep in the middle of a terse discussion. Self preserving narcolepsy? Things get too distressing and they just pass out. Do you know anyone like this? Have you ever witnessed it?

My sister's boyfriend is looking for an adjective that rhymes with 'forty'. All I come up with is 'warty', and I doubt that's what he has in mind. Any suggestions?

After mentioning to a coworker that I slept only 2 1/2 hours last night due to insomnia and was a wee bit punchy today, I directly turned around and walked into the edge of the door I'd just opened. "Open door and walk through."
No, walk through the opening.
Well that changes everything.

Whilst occasionally straying to skinny or chubby, I usually stay in the center at thin. I also stopped growing at age 12, and only two years ago threw away a pair of Camp Beverly Hills comfy pants my mom bought for me in 1987. This all means I am a 1.5 beer queer, and I could use some rappelling gear for tackling the top shelf at the grocery store and the top cabinets in my kitchen. It is not unusual to find me crouched in my socks on the outer of edge of the stove, tossing ingredients from the cabinet onto the counter, or hanging off the freezer aisle at Shop Rite winging yogurts down into my cart.

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