Friday, May 04, 2007


This afternoon, walking to my car, I heard a small voice yell out, "Hey lady!"
and turned to see a brunette pipsqueak looking up at me.
"Remember when we saw the ducks here?" she asked with an earnest grin. Startled as I was to have this childhood friendliness bestowed upon me- me!- I only ambled out the best smile I could muster and agreed.
"Have a great day!" she yelled as I got into the driver's seat, and again as I slowly- oh ever so slowly with a sundry of children rolling about the parking lot on all sorts of wheeled things- drove away feeling blessed to be given her attention and thinking,

When did I become a 'Hey lady'?

Sadly, later in the evening I caught myself saying out loud as I polished off a bowl of tuna I covered only yesterday,
'It would be a shame to waste such a lovely piece of foil.'
Apparently while I disparagingly shopped the matronly sole petites section of Kohl's tonight, I indeed became a senior citizen. Guess I'm good for the discount at Friendly's now.


Anonymous said...

Well lady is better than m'am. That's what the kid at the gas station calls me . . .thank you, but miss is just fine. Jen ;)

Karen said...

I hate the Ma'am. Cringe every time.