Monday, February 26, 2007

bits and pieces

There is so much more I could share but never do- do I look beyond the immediate any more? When the weather calms and my walks of six or seven mind wandering miles resume perhaps the muses will be illuminated again.

Lying in bed Sunday morning my boyfriend sleeping quietly beside me I wanted so much to slip my left arm beneath his dozy head and roll him onto my chest but chose instead to let him slumber on. In short time he did waken and we embarked on our drowsy morning cuddling ritual.

For the first time my partner's body size is close to my own- there is but six inches and thirty five pounds of difference. It is face-sparklingly wonderful. I can hold my lover in my arms in bed or standing rest my head on his chest just beneath his chin; one glance up lands me in a kiss with eye contact and no broken necks.

He chides me often for not fully smiling in the photos he takes and I, wishing he might stop expecting more, explain over and over that when I smile for a camera my little eyes disappear beneath my risen cheeks. Except yesterday, he then said, " But you have a beautiful smile!"
and finally I understood that is what he hopes to capture and enjoy.

Laryngitis is setting in tonight and being the eternal goofball I am finding excuses to talk because my squeak sounds so silly- and you are supposed to strain your vocal cords right? Why just scratch when you can lose your voice completely?

On Thursday I have an admissions interview with a local massage therapy school. If I gain admittance, and full financial aid, I need only sacrifice myself to 15 months of busting my behind and at the end gain a new career. Yea!

I like nursing- but a career in massage therapy might offer me all I like about nursing but lots more of it. Besides, the holistic approach is much more my game. I am excited by the opportunities to branch further into natural ways of healing and patient teaching. I strongly feel human touch affords relaxation and comfort. Heal the emotional and the physical stands a better chance. Heal the physical- increase mobility or range of motion, ease the pain- and the emotional benefits from increased independence, activity and comfort. The components of our beings are tied together intrinsically.

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