Saturday, February 10, 2007

the sound of my own voice

I've begun to think that this age of women being everything can be emasculating. I know I need my sexy, feminine side recognized and appreciated even if I can hang my own mini-blinds, check my own oil, hold my own door, push and jump my own car, move furniture all by myself and paint my own walls.

I am learning, partly on my own but instigated by experience, that I need to let a man be a man; that men need to take care of me (at least a little bit.)

I need to bite my tongue and let him pay the bill. I will earnestly offer once in a while but when he refuses I will let it go.

If he wants to carry my bags I will let him, and thank him, even though I know I can lug thirty pounds of groceries two miles home on foot and partially uphill.

I have been successfully crossing streets all by myself for at least 22 of my 32 years, but if he is a happier man holding my hand and leading me to safety I will hang back and let him navigate.

It is not about being weak, or giving up female power. It is about respecting my partner and letting him feel good. It is about satisfying his needs and in turn fostering our relationship.

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probitionate said...

A very wise woman you are. "Wisdom's not in the knowing, it's in the doing."

And I think it's wonderful that you don't see these instances as 'concessions', but rather, 'gifts'. To both him...and yourself. Nice.

: )