Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Whine before bed

I am aging. I am 32 going on 64 and physically aging and it scares the crap out of me. Vanity and insecurity mix poorly with aging and old-maid hood. Oh my aching, wrinkling, sagging head.

I know I should just be glad I am healthy and all the parts I entered with are still attached and functioning-
but for the love of ass implants and Oil of Olay, do the fuckers have to soften and droop?

Apparently the label fell off my weight loss prayers. Or perhaps I mumbled as I am wont to do and 'weight loss, bigger boobs' came out as 'lose the boobs'.

Need a vote for pessimism? Laugh lines. Little sons of bitches! Crikey on a cracker.


Jennifer said...

Getting older sucks, that's for sure. I'm having a hard time letting go of my youth.. very hard time. To go back to 29, and just live there would be perfect.

probitionate said...


As a man senior to both of you...and therefore societally prone to 'appreciating' the youngsters...I can tell you without reservation that those 'laugh lines', those 'crikies on crackers' are splendiferous.

And I'll stop there, because I'd be prone to waxing poetical about women your ages...and I don't want to be accused of hijacking a blog's Comments section.

Unless you want me to...

: )

Karen said...

Ah, but I both enjoy your writing style and am hopelessly narcissistic;)
(and enjoy hearing and considering the perspectives of others on generally all matters)