Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mucous and me, cranky together

I had two new experiences before noon today! Well, three:
Sent home from work (I stayed out sick Tuesday and Wednesday but insisted on going back today), my very first bronchitis diagnosis, and my first ever inhaler!

Granted not as much fun as My First Orgasm; strikingly lower shock value than My First Car Accident.

Now that there is a medical explanation for the teeny bouts of dizziness with limbs weak and wobbling like Jello in the wind, I've been gleefully sharing my revelation with friends. And just last night amidst snuggling after Boyfriend had to lower the sheet we joked about how high maintenance he is insisting to breathe.

Really no big deal at all but kind of fun to have something new because bodies are interesting that way, and now I also feel a tad less guilty for calling out sick (but I still feel like a slacker, and just because I need to rest myself doesn't make it any easier to sit still.)

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