Thursday, March 01, 2007

maybe not least but hopefully last

Promise after this I'll shut the donut hole for today!

All week I have complained about my boobs and slowly aging body. Standing in the pharmacy prescription drop-off line at WalMart today I remembered I'm being a brat.

My cousin, who reads this blog (Hi Lady! Don't worry- no one will know who you are!) (Hey- I just thought of secret identities and ... remember playing "Undercover Cops" in your double beds? Didn't we play at Grandma and Grandpa's too?)
is eight months pregnant and having been endowed before pregnancy is now ready to give her boobs away to me... to the beggar on the street corner... heck, to the Boy Scout charity drive if they knocked on her door and she could lop those two beauties/beasts off fast enough!

We spoke this afternoon and she mentioned reading my recent blogs. I said, "I was thinking about that and here I am with one friend who has cystic fibrosis and one with multiple sclerosis. I should be happy to be aging normally. Who the hell am I to complain?"

She said, (ad libbing here) "I know Kar', I was thinking the same thing," and proceeded to tell me about a 34 year old woman- a coworker and peer at her school- who was this week diagnosed with breast cancer and in one month will have a unilateral radical mastectomy with peri-operative lymph node biopsy and, if thereby indicated, lymph node removal as well.


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