Thursday, March 01, 2007

The word is out

This weekend a premonition dawned of why for two years every bra I have bought just doesn't quite fit right. I've been buying B cups. Today I purchased an A cup. And tried it on at home. And went back for a second A cup because apparently -

I get an A.

Today for the first time (that makes first No. 4 & 5 for today) I experienced what other women have squelched about- some bra styles don't even come in A.

Too big for children's clothing. Too small for women's. Too old for the juvenile prints and cuts of Juniors and Misses.

At one time people with obesity had a rough time fitting in airplane and movie seats, shopping for clothes in the one relegated corner of K-Mart. Now there entire sides of shops devoted to Plus-size clothing and when I eat in a booth at Pizza Hut I need to (literally! no truth stretching) sit on my feet and lean forward to eat off the table top.

Honestly, I have noticed improvement in the amount of petite clothing available, and in the variety. Style availability has thankfully ranged beyond stretch-band waisted polyester pants and flower appliqued waist-cuffed cotton tops.

Still, if I had the knowledge and ambition I would start my own clothing line.

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