Friday, March 02, 2007

Under the Influence (of germs)

The news heading "Iraqi Police Go Missing" becomes "Iraqi Geese Go Missing".

Wandering through the grocery parking lot aiming toward the car I've misplaced I glance over and over at a car that looks like mine but the trunk is open. Obviously it belongs to someone else who must be around the corner lifting full bags to deposit there.
Or, I left my trunk yawning when I got out and that's how it stayed the full 45 minutes of shopping. Good thing the sun came out.

I notice myself picking lint off my left thigh instead of paying attention to the rain dampened curves beneath my 35 mph thrusting tires. I have to remind myself to also look left backing out of the grocery lot car cubicle, then thank luck I stopped before hitting the car behind me once looking left consumed my full attention span.

Me and the chicken broth and movies (the boredom of staying kaput is making my head hurt more) came home where we will stay. Maybe we will hide the car keys on me. If the chicken broth helps out and the key stash is effective you are going to want some of what I'm on aren't you?

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