Saturday, March 31, 2007

Waxing nostalgic

I can't wait to grow up so I can:
Go to bed whenever I want. (Some nights I wish I was allowed to go to bed earlier.)
Eat whatever I want. (lowfat cottage cheese with fat free yogurt and almonds? Baked potatoes with ketchup? Is this the wild diet I had in mind?)
Wax my upper lip. Now that never figured in to my plans.
The hairs come in darker now; still soft, but dark enough that I look like a thirteen year old boy working hard to earn his first shave.
I bleached for years until my upper lip itself started having pigment reactions in the sunlight. That wasn't going to do.
So I bought the tape strips. (gotta love Sally Hansen- the woman of my dreams)
Ow. And ow, ow, ow.
Now that I know how good it feels, after sticking the strip on my lip I pause wondering if perhaps I could just leave it there like an absent minded accessory. Eventually I cringe and rip- and yowl.
My aunt knew people who put in invisible fencing for their dog with an electric collar. The dog knew he could jump the electric fence but he would get zapped and it hurt him. So he would start way back in the yard and begin to run toward the fence, yowling ever louder the closer he got til he sailed over, got zapped, and was done.
I think of him while standing at the bathroom mirror with an adhesive strip stuck well to the tiny hairs on my little upper lip.


G said...

This is G, linked here from Breed Em and Weep.


I do the Sally Hansen thing, too. And now my upper lip is turning brown in the sun!! What IS that?? Once a mustachioed woman, always a mustachioed woman. Try to remove the little hairs, your lip rebels and starts to paint itself brown. I'm thinking of just going with the teenaged boy look.

Nice to meet/read you. ;)

Karen said...


Nice to meet you too- Welcome!!

Hyperpigmentation- Argh!

It can also be hormone related.
There are skin bleachers you can try- ask your dermatologist about hydroquinone creams. There are several on the market, though they are prescription, probably not covered by insurance, and results vary.
Make sure to wear SPF 30 or above on your upper lip all the time- even in winter sun.
:) Karen.