Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Did I read that correctly? Were two 16 year old young women in New York suspended for saying the word 'vagina' in a school play? Were two young women actually kicked out of school for a few days for appropriately referring to a beautiful part of the female anatomy?

What were they supposed to say? Pussy? Cunt? That special place down there?

Labia, clitoris, cervix... HA! Are they shocked now?

Yes I have heard only one media bent and quite brief angle of the story, but I can think of no logical or educationally solvent reason for disallowing a young adult to respectfully use medical terminology.


TJ said...

Totally agree. My son has called the privates of men and women the correct names since he was 3 or 4. Although he called the Vagina a JaGina for a long time. Of course, this conversation came up when he asked why I didn't have a pee pee like he did.

BTW, I hate that word CUNT.

Karen said...

Ugh- I actually do too ;)